How to Treat a Cat Bite

So you have been bitten by a cat, what now?

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What Is a Vaccine Reaction?

Clients often have reservations regarding vaccinating their pets and are worried about potential side effects.

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Why We Deworm Puppies

A lot of the time working in veterinary medicine we hear “my puppy was dewormed by the breeder already,

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Heat Stroke

After a long cold winter, it feels like those hot summer days will never come, but thankfully they are on their way!

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What You Should Know About Raw Diets

Pet parents today only want the best for their furry family members.

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These guys take such good care of our 3 babies! I love how excited they are when we come in…

Selena Wilkie

I needed a bit of assistance with some mats on my rambunctious adolescent kitty and these wonderful folks were up…

Carol Edwards

Took our cat there to get examined after being outside for two weeks. The staff were so good with her.…

Mikida Andrea

Took my cat here. Very friendly, knowledgeable and sincere. They don't force you into buying anything extra. They suggest but…

Paula Gillis