Halloween and Pets

Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks, while this is an exciting time for all the little ones, we need to keep our furry family members in mind with all of the treats.

Below are some tips to keep our pets safe:

Stash the Treats: While the kiddies and adults enjoy the treats, they can create dangerous situations for our pets. Please keep all treats up high away from your pets. If your pet ingests some of the candy/chocolate please call your veterinarian or proceed to your local emergency clinic.

Watch the Pumpkins: They are great but can be easily knocked over by dogs and cats, and if they have candles can create a fire.

Costumes: While they are cute on any animal, make sure that they enjoy being in one as if not this can cause stress for your furry loved one.

House Visitors: This holiday brings a lot of people trick-or-treating to your door. Make sure that your pet is kept away from the door to help them from getting out, but also make sure they have identification on their collars in case they do get loose.

Have a Safe Halloween!

Written by: Robin Harnett, Site Coordinator