With compassion, pet euthanasia offers a tender farewell, bringing relief from pain and discomfort.

Deciding when the time is right for euthanasia is not always an easy decision. There are many factors to consider, though the most important consideration is based on your cat’s quality of life. No one wants to see their cat suffer and we are privileged in veterinary medicine that we can make sure our pets don’t have to suffer at the end of their lives.

When should I consider pet euthanasia?

A veterinarian will be able to discuss your options. You may also want to consider if you’re going to be with your cat or not. You should also consider If you want it performed in your home or at the clinic and what you would like for aftercare of your cat.

What is the process for cat euthanasia?

It can be hard to determine if or when the time is right to end your cat’s pain and suffering, humanely. The euthanasia of a beloved pet is a difficult time for everyone involved. However, it may be less of a strain if you have prepared in advance for the euthanasia process and you know what to expect.

Do you do house calls?

Yes, we can offer a house call service, from one of our sister clinics, for euthanasia at home. Some pets become very distressed at the animal hospital, and this may provide a kind way to say a peaceful and calm goodbye.

Can I stay with my cat during euthanasia?

Owners are certainly able to stay with their pets during the euthanasia procedure.

What is the cost of at home or in-hospital euthanasia?

This cost may vary. We offer options for the respectful care of your pets remains including cremation and ashes in an urn

Do you offer pet bereavement support service?

We can refer you to several websites to help: The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement, The Rainbow Bridge, and Metro Pet Crematory can also offer support. As well some pet insurance companies offer bereavement counselling.

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