Cat Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is equally important for your pet as it is for humans.

Oral disease is a common, yet avoidable problem for cats. It can lead to bad breath, swollen and painful gums, rotting or fractured teeth, and overall mouth pain. These problems can cause more significant issues as well such as changes in appetite and attitude, oral abscesses and more.

What is involved in a dental cleaning procedure?

Like humans, a dental cleaning includes scaling and polishing the tooth surfaces and a full oral exam. The difference is animals require a general anesthetic for a thorough cleaning.

What are the signs of dental problems in cats?

Some common signs of dental issues in cats are facial swelling, disinterest in hard kibble or food at all, drooling, bad breath, holding the mouth open, tongue flicking or acting ill altogether.

Are some feline breeds more susceptible than others?

Any cats can have dental issues. Feeding a hard kibble along with canned wet food can help keep these problems at bay.

What is feline tooth resorption?

Feline tooth resorption is common in domestic cats, and very painful. It is the loss of tooth structure from within the root canal of the tooth.

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