Blood Tests

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Feline bloodwork is an essential part of a diagnosis. Routine bloodwork will help give the entire picture of your cat’s health.

Why are blood tests important for my cat’s health?

From a single blood sample, we can gain information on the health of many of your pet’s organs. We can test for diabetes, anemia, clotting disorders, various infections, as well as assessing kidney function, liver function, pancreatic health, and electrolyte balance.

How long does it take to get blood test results?

The timing could vary, some tests can be run in our in-house lab that could take a few hours to have back, but there are times when the samples need to be sent out, and that could take a few days before the results are back.

How should I prepare my cat for their blood tests?

It could vary depending on the type of bloodwork that your cat needs. When the appointment is booked, the team will give you any instructions required, like if your cat should fast or not.

How often should blood tests be done?

The health of your cat would depend on how often. In a young and healthy cat, you may only need blood work if they become sick to find out what may be wrong. In seniors’ cats, we recommend having blood work done yearly.

Does your hospital perform urinalysis and biopsy?

Yes, we offer both of these services at our hospital.

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