Tricia F

I grew up in Moncton but have lived in Halifax since 2010. I have always been extremely empathetic towards animals. As early as 5, I was making my parents bury dead chipmunks I found in the neighbourhood or feeding the stray cats they were around. I graduated in 2005 with a Veterinary Technician diploma. The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is that I find great fulfillment in comforting pets (and their owners) in their final moments. They deserve love in every situation. The aspect of my job that I love the most is that I love seeing a variety of animals, especially rescued pets. AND my coworkers are the greatest! A fun fact about myself is that when I played house as a kid, I never wanted to be the mom or the kid, I always wanted to be the dog. It drove my older sister crazy
These guys take such good care of our 3 babies! I love how excited they are when we come in…

Selena Wilkie

I needed a bit of assistance with some mats on my rambunctious adolescent kitty and these wonderful folks were up…

Carol Edwards

Took our cat there to get examined after being outside for two weeks. The staff were so good with her.…

Mikida Andrea

Took my cat here. Very friendly, knowledgeable and sincere. They don't force you into buying anything extra. They suggest but…

Paula Gillis


Halloween and Pets

Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks, while this is an exciting time for all the little ones, we need to keep our furry family members in mind with all of the treats.

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