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Front end Supervisor, Client Greeter

Bear came to us in January of 2018. She was brought in to be re-homed, but after a month or so of being in the clinic, she decided it was her new home. We are told she was an outdoor kitty her whole life before living here, she was very happy to settle into her new in-side role. She takes her job very seriously, making sure all clients have been greeted, and keeping dogs from jumping up on the front desk where she loves to sleep. Bear is an exceptional staff supervisor, she makes sure to let us know when it is her meal time, or when she is in need of attention. Some of her favourite hobbies are: begging for treats, being brushed, and getting belly rubs.


Crate Training

Crate training can be difficult; some puppies can get anxious and avoid their crate if not done correctly.

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